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Clear Prominent Disclosure of Material Connections With amaze analyticals enterprises
You are required to follow Federal Trade Commission’s Endorsement Guides . In event a amaze analyticals enterprises engages you for a Campaign, you understagree that you are required to clearly conspicuously disclose any material connection between you amaze analyticals enterprises. Material connections include, but are not necessarily limited to, amaze analyticals enterprises providing you with something of value, such as free use of products or services. In general, disclosures should be:
in clear unambiguous language;
as close as possible to native ads to which they relate;
in same medium as ad, for instance, in video or in Twitter post;
in a font color that’s easy to read;
in a shade that stands out against background;
for video ads, on screen long enough to be noticed, read, understood; and
for audio disclosures, read at a cadence that’s easy for consumers to follow in words consumers will understand
As an Influencer, it is your responsibility to understabide by requirement imposed on you by FTC to ensure that a clear conspicuous disclosure is made each every time you create content for a Campaign.

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