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Over one billion people visit YouTube every month—that’s a lot of potential fans of your music. Operating your own Artist channels can expose your music to this global audience. Learn easy ways to customize your channel and 5 tips to help your music get discovered on YouTube.

Your Artist channel is your music’s home on YouTube. Designing it well can help viewers understand who you are and what kind of music you make. (Don’t have a channel yet? Click here for step-by-step instructions.) Here are a few tips to customize your channel so that it reflects your style and branding.

  • Banner art – The image across the top of your channel that (commonly) aligns with your band or Artist brand. 
  • Channel icon – It’s a good idea to make it as recognizable as  The image that visually represents your channel across YouTube.
  • Channel trailer – It’s common to put your most recent release or most popular video there. The video that sits prominently at the top of your channel’s home page. 
  • Featured channels – Channels highlighted along the right side of your channel. These resonate best when they are channels that are important to you— Artists you like, are inspired by, tour with, or want to cross promote.
  • Channel sections – A way to visually organize your videos on your channel. Consider naming them by a descriptive category such as ‘tour videos’ or ‘covers’.
  • Channel’s name – Typically this is your name or your band’s name, unless your channel will be super genre-specific. 

Music and lyric videos are a central part of most Artists’ channels. Your existing fans are probably already looking for your music on YouTube, so it’s a good idea to ensure there are videos for them to find. Plus, top charts like The Billboard Hot 100,, Yacast, and TopHit incorporate YouTube views into their rankings!

Creating covers, and allowing others to cover you, is really just another type of collaboration. By creating and allowing covers, you can attract audiences or other Artists that may not have found you otherwise.

Many musicians make the mistake of only uploading fresh content when they’re releasing new music. Your viewers want to watch you and your videos all year round. Give them a reason to return to your channel by uploading as much as you can. While viewers will likely find your channel through your music videos, you can also make videos that complement these. Making other videos can help you stay on a regular upload schedule in between album releases. Try to leverage events and performances you’re already doing for b-roll and extra footage.

When a viewer takes the time to comment on your videos, create a cover, or unofficial music video for you, they’re likely showing you they’re a fan. Consider taking the time to thank them and highlight their creativity.

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