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It may seem obviously, but buildings your video around a single topic/keyword is the best way to get the traffic you want and grow your audience. Regular video uploads at familiar times are what bring people back for more.Many people who are unaware of SEO best practices skip this step, but it’s crucial if you want your videos to get the maximum amount of viewers. Try using a keyword tool like Keyword Tool., which is specific to YouTube, to look for the most searched keywords in the niche you’re looking to target.

It’s important to pick your keyword before you even build your video content because it helps you construct the best information around that specific topic

You might be making Oscar-worthy short films and videos, but if each video takes 6 months to produce, your videos aren’t going to grow your YouTube channel.

Whatever kind of videos you want to make, choose content that you can develop and create on a regular basis and find ways to streamline your production workflow, whether it’s setting up a studio, creating an editing template, or hiring assistants or a production team. Keep refining your topics and production workflow until your process is a well-oiled machine.

Posts are new ways (beyond video) to reach and engage with your audience including text, polls, animated GIFs, live videos, images, and more.

The primary difference between the new Community tab and the old Discussion tab is the posting capabilities. The Discussion tab allowed creators, subscribers, and visitors to post only text-based status updates and replies based on the channel’s Discussion settings.

n addition to helping your YouTube audience get to know your Community tab, use a video or a community post (or both) to let subscribers know how to get notified about your latest channel activity. Explain that they need to click the bell icon to the right of the button they use to subscribe.

You can market products to channel subscribers and visitors on the Community tab. Post a status update to the tab with an image of your product and a link to the product’s sales page. Consider creating a special landing page on your website for your channel subscribers and offer an exclusive discount just for YouTube visitors to measure the results.

The YouTube Community Tab is a feature designed to help creators engage with their audience outside of the videos that they upload to their channel. Types of Community Posts include polls, text-based posts and images.

YouTube Community is a new feature of the world’s most popular video streaming site that allows content producers to interact directly with their community.

One of the shortcomings of YouTube up until now was that interaction between video producers and users was severely limited.

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