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Authenticity is a key component to success on YouTube. The ability to turn on a camera and have a conversation with your community is something that sets YouTube creators and their audiences apart.

This two-way interaction, can help you build a community who is interested in what you have to say. And they’ll probably be the first to call you out if you’re not being authentic. 

Gamers on YouTube often have unique personalities that help set them apart from the rest. Take your audience beyond the game with style and flair that only you can offer. Remember, most anyone can buy the game and set up a camera, so consider focusing on what differentiates you from everyone else (maybe it’s your jokes, accent, your beard, or your dog) and use it to your advantage.

Gaming videos often work well as episodes that build off one another. Whether you use a walkthrough, a scripted format, or some form of competition, building out a series is a great way to keep your audiences coming back for more.Collaborations are critical for building new audience. But they can also make existing fans happy by keeping your videos fresh and interesting. Build relationships with other gaming creators and think about creative ways to use them in your videos.Curating great videos produced by other gaming creators is a way to show your audience you know what is cool. Use Likes or playlists to keep your audience happy even when you aren’t uploading new videos. Once a Reddit audience falls in love with your videos, odds are they will drive many new fans. While posting your own videos to the site has worked for many, there have also been successful cases of mega-fans posting them, too. Encourage your fans to do the hard work for you and use calls to action to get them to spread the word about your videos. Also consider creating a subreddit to grow your community.Blogs often love posting videos from YouTube and you can work to get your videos featured around the web. While it may be advantageous holding off until you have an especially awesome video, sharing with blogs that target the right community can be a great audience-building tactic. One of the great things about YouTube is that you have the opportunity to experiment and change things that aren’t working. Use small scale tests to see how your audience reacts to a new tactic and use YouTube Analytics to decide if you want to stick with it.Many top creators check YouTube Analytics regularly. Frequent checks of your key metrics can help you build out an effective programming schedule and teach you which optimizations are most important.Abnormal data points are typically the most useful in understanding things that are particularly popular with your audience (or particularly unpopular). Isolate spikes in viewership and watch time to see if there was a change in traffic sources or playback locations.

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